All Product Recycling

All Product Recycling is a small medium friendly team of recycling specialists & security destruction solution.
We collect products including, plastics, cardboard, E-waste and much more.

Operation Process Operation Process

At All Product Recycling, we operate under a simple and straight forward process.

Below is a quick summary of the steps taken in our recycling process:

1 Collect from your site

We will collect directly from your site

All Product Recycling collects recyclable materials from your site using a transportation network of our own vehicles.

The entire logistics operation is managed by All Product Recycling in all aspects including, planning, scheduling, pickups and transportation.

Give us a call now (02) 9820 2388 to schedule your next pickup.

2 Process at our factory

After collectin from your site, we will process it at our factory

After we have collected the materials from your site, they will be transported to our NSW Prestons factory for further processing. Please click on the images below to show a simple illustrative slideshow of our process.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

Click on the images above to view slideshow.

3 Inspection

We inspect all of our containers to ensure safety and compliance

Compliance and safety are important to us.

All our containers are inspected by the China Commodity Inspection Company (CCIC) prior to shipping.

Each container will be issued a certification upon passing the inspection process.

4 Export for a good cause

Shipments are made to our China factory for further processing

Certified containers will be shipped to our Thailand factory for further processing.

Our shipments are handled by Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), one of the world’s largest integrated international container transportation, logistics and terminal companies.

5 Recycle and Palletise

Recycling and palletising helps our environment

Once the container arrived our site in Thailand. The overflow polymer will be send to our site in Thailand for further processing.

Palletised plastics will be passed onto domestic market in Australia to produce everyday products such as toys part, building material, furniture and appliances etc.

To read more about how recycled materials can be converted into useful products, please click here.

Our coverage


Our head office is located in Sydney. However, our logistics network stretches nationally. Call us to provide you with recycling solution (02) 9820 2388.

Processing Power

With our streamlined operation process and immaculate planning, we currently process the following volumes per month. We still have the capability to increase our volumes.

Scraps 100 - 200 ton/month
Plastic 320 - 380 ton/month
Paper 300 - 500 ton/month
Overseas Purchase
Scraps 200 ton/month
Plastic 600 - 1000 ton/month
Paper 1000 - 2000 ton/month

Waste from overseas

Waste from overseas Apart from collecting wastes from Australia, All Product Recycling also recycles waste from overseas and exports the recycled products to China for further processing. Globally, we also recycle from Europe, USA and Africa.

Help save more energy

Our light machinery

If wastes are slighly compressed before they are being transported, we can save a lot of energy and reduce air pollution.

Imagine having to travel three times more to pickup the same amount of waste from one site to another, we are essentially creating a lot of pollution.

At All Product Recycling, we are happy to offer our clients light machinery to aid with the compressiong of wastes at your site.

For more information, please contact us on (02) 9820 2388

Did you know?

Ever wonder how recycling helps save energy? Our friends at have done a great job of laying out the energy savings of recycling everything from aluminum to plastic wrap. When you toss items in your recycling bin, you’re saving more than landfill space.

Here is just a sampling of the compelling statistics:

  • Recycled aluminum saves 95 percent of energy required vs. virgin aluminum; recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours (Reynolds Metal Company)
  • Enough aluminum is thrown away every year to rebuild our commercial air fleet four times.
  • Recycled glass saves 50 percent of energy vs. virgin glass (Center for Ecological Technology)
  • Recycling of one glass container saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours (EPA)
  • Recycled paper saves 60 percent of energy vs. virgin paper (Center for Ecological Technology)
  • Production of recycled paper uses 80 percent less water, 65 percent less energy and produces 95 percent less air pollution than virgin paper production.
  • Recycling a pound of PET (plastic) saves approximately 12,000 BTU’s. (EPA)