All Product Recycling

All Product Recycling is a small medium friendly team of recycling specialists & security destruction solution.
We collect products including, plastics, cardboard, E-waste and much more.

Recycling & Destruction

At All Product Recycling, we focus on maximising our recycling infrastructure, meaning we on-goingly contribute to the reduction of waste that are going to landfill. The recycled materials exert great environmental benefit by reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing of aluminum, plastic and cardboard, just to name a few. Also, through recycling, we can greatly reduced the use of precious virgin materials.

Our Secure date destruction service is mainly in the following categories:

  • Plastic
  • E-waste
  • Paper
  • Cardboard / Paper
  • CD / DVD
  • Credit Card
  • Badges
  • Recycable product

Our recycling initiative is mainly focused in the following four main categories:

  • Metal/Steel Scrap
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Product Recycle
  • E-waste

Examples of Scrap

Scrap Image 1
Scrap Image 2
Scrap Image 3
Scrap Image 4

Examples of Plastic

Plastic Image 2
Plastic Image 3
Plastic Image 4
Plastic Image 5
Plastic Image 6
Plastic Image 7

Examples of Paper

Paper Image 1
Paper Image 2
Paper Image 3
Paper Image 4

Examples of E-Waste

Product Recycle Image 1
Product Recycle Image 1
Product Recycle Image 1
Product Recycle Image 1
Product Recycle Image 1

Examples of Blood Contamination

Blood Contamination Image 1
Blood Contamination Image 2

To be more precise, below are some of the products we recycle:

  • PET
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • ABS
  • HIPS
  • AS
  • PVC
  • PC
  • PS
  • LDPE
  • PMMA

Click here to read more about the above materials.

Electronic products and appliances collected will be treated in a slightly different process:

  • Products will be examined and sorted by category
  • Categorised products will then be disassembled and different types of extracted materials will be recycled under our normal operation procedures.
  • We can recycle more than 95% of electronic equipment. The 5% that we cannot recycle will be used as second hand components.

Product Recycling

Did you know?

According to statistics, manufacturing new plastic from recycled plastic requires two-thirds of the energy used in virgin plastic manufacturing. One tonne of recycled plastic saves 685 gallons of oil.

It takes 20 times the energy to make virgin aluminum, 8 times the energy to make virgin plastic, and twice the energy to make virgin paper than to produce their recycled equivalents.

Recycling has been shown to produce 27 less different types of air and water pollutants, compared with using virgin materials in manufacturing and disposing wastes.